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Build Resilience.   Anxiety relief.  Narcissistic abuse.  Codependency.

Are you finding life a bit of a struggle?
Allow me to help. 

Perhaps you feel stuck and, finding it hard to cope?
That’s where I come in. 

Feeling worried about your relationships with the people around you?
We’ll work through it, together. 

Can’t do it on your own?
I’ll build up your emotional resilience. Let’s find your wings.

Therapy for Adults, Young Adults and Teens

Change is sometimes necessary: just ask a butterfly

It’s true—life can really, really challenge us sometimes. Relationships, children, work, money… There are so many areas of modern life where things can start to overwhelm us. We become weighed down by emotional or financial strains. We may start to feel anxious, stressed, or depressed, making us less resilient and unable to cope effectively with everyday life. Personal transformation is needed.

Sometimes it takes work to find your wings

Change is always possible. Through therapy sessions, we’ll work together to get to the bottom of your issue and unpack it together. Rather than providing you with solutions to specific problems, my aim is to build your resilience so that you can better tackle things yourself. I’ll help you develop coping skills so that you can bounce back from life’s challenges, rather than allowing them to bring you down.

You can’t rush the transformation process

Personal growth is a lifelong journey, and sometimes we need a helping hand. We’ll work as a team to explore your emotions in a safe space, where nobody is judging. Together we’ll unlock your inner strength—that perhaps you’ve lost due to adversity—so you can fly away freely. When you leave my psychotherapy sessions, the aim is for you to feel lighter, stronger, and more resilient.

What I bring to the therapeutic relationship





An open mind

Hi, I'm Evelyn a licensed marriage and family therapist in the California Bay Area.

I’m here to help you navigate life’s challenges so that you can make the shift towards a more resilient version of you. Because if you’re struggling, and life is weighing you down, sometimes all you need is the gentle guidance of a licensed therapist to set you back on the right path. 

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